Vyšehrad 26. - 28. května 2017

On-line Tickets

 450 CZK - PRICE
150 CZK
300 CZK
 10 Grands for the degustation

Grand is the official festival currency. 1 Grand = 30 CZK
You can not change the old Grands back to money

You must entry the area in your chosen timetable.
However, you can stay until the end.
(friday, saturday until 21:00, sunday until 19:00)
You will find your purchased tickets in your profile  
 in the "TICKETS" bookmark. 

Children up to 6 years can entry for free. Other sales are not provided.

10 CZK from each ticket will go to the The Akshaya Patra Foundation who aims to provide poor Indian children with at least one meal a day while they attend school. The total sum will then be personally doubled by Sanjiv Suri, the owner of the Zátiší Group.


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Kdo umí víno pít – umí milovat.
George Sandová