Vyšehrad 26. - 28. května 2017

Baroko with all senses

The CzechTourism Agency is a state contributory organization whose goal is the promotion of the Czech Republic as a tourist destination both nationally and internationally. At their Czech Specials stand the Czech National Culinary Team will prepare a menu called “Baroque with all senses”.

The team of top chefs and confectioners honours the traditions of their profession, yet they keep learning and they prepare food in a modern way. They partake in world culinary competitions on a regular basis. This team has been together since 2010 and successfully presented itself in Singapore, Stuttgart, Luxembourg and at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt.

Festival menu prepared by the Czech National Culinary Team of AKC ČR (Association of Czech Chefs and Confectioners):

ash-baked potatoes, smoked bacon, whey jelly


roasted quail on the grill, goat cheese sauce, groat risotto


pea ice-cream with lemon balm, buckwheat purée with honey, fresh fruit

menu price: 8 grands

Location in the area:

Mapa festivalu

Kdo umí víno pít – umí milovat.
George Sandová